About us



Thirty years ago, my father migrated to a small fishing town close to Volvo Penta's home in Sweden.
During one of his long walks around the coast, he fell in love with a small wooden boat on sale. With the little money he had at that time, he bought it, and the very next day, he took our whole family out fishing. It was that very day his journey into the marine world all started.
His interest grew larger, and he decided that he, who loved the marine life, would try to make it his profession.
Moving forward, he has now dealt with hundreds of engines and had customers from all over the world.
My father has chosen to specialize in Volvo Penta and Yanmar inboard engines. The experience my father has is a treasure and is available for you, our customer.
Now, I, his son, have made his mechanical shop and inventory available on the web.
We sell used but original Volvo Penta parts. Before putting our parts in stock on our website, we clean and test the parts.
Contact us by mail or on our website chat if you have any questions or if you can't find the part you are looking for.
We hope we can help you restoring and upgrading your engine for new journeys you might have ahead!

Are you looking for a part we don't have listed? Please contact us for a quote!



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